Serving Central Oregon since 1994

Wade L. Robirts is a native Oregonian. Born in Bend and raised in John Day, Wade has a personable way of relating to his patients. Creating dentures has always been an interest of his. He excelled in the program, graduating in 1994 from the Oregon Denturist College.
Having an artistic eye enables him to customize the beautiful, natural look of teeth that is unique to each patient. Through the years the scope of practice has grown to include partial dentures and implant dentures. It's a cost cost-effective way to serve the community. Ensuring each patient has a natural look, comfortable fit and functional denture is our top priority.
Dental implant — Complete Dentures in Bend, OR
We do all relines and repairs in one day and all denture work is kept in-house. We are a family run business and look forward to serving you and your denture needs. Give us a call or visit our services page to see what we have to offer.